The winner of the third season of Drag Race Down Under has just made herstory for the series.

Following eight weeks of lip-sync smackdowns, fierce runway presentations, and maxi-challenges like the iconic Snatch Game, the beloved Australian/New Zealand spin-off has crowned its season three winner in an epic grand finale.

For their final maxi-challenge, Flor, Gabriella Labucci and Isis Avis Loren were tasked to write, sing and perform a remix of RuPaul’s new track ‘Crying on the Dance Floor’.

“You’re going to dig deep as you collab on my new single ‘Crying On The Dance Floor (The Deep Down Under Remix),'” Ru explained. 

Ru then revealed that Queen Kong – from Drag Race Down Under season two – would return to help the ladies “tackle the most challenging choreography of the season”.

After recording their parts and learning the new intricate set of dance moves, the three finalists each had a one-on-one kiki with Ru and Michelle Visage. 

The first queen to the plate was Isis, who opened up about hiding her drag life from her father. 

“I haven’t told my dad I do drag. Three weeks before I came here, my mom told him for me,” she explained. 

“He’s of a generation that doesn’t get [drag]. Catholic background, Italian. And I was terrified that he wouldn’t talk to me.” 

Fortunately, Isis went on to reveal that her father had a supportive response to her Drag Race placement.

“It was the last pin that needed to be pulled for me to be free,” she said. 

After Isis’ emotional sit-down, Flor joined Ru and Michelle to discuss her move from Guatemala to New Zealand. 

“My ex-partner was like, ‘You should come here to New Zealand to live with me,” she explained. 

When asked why she decided to stay, Flor revealed that Guatemala had too much violence.

Towards the end of her sit-down, the beloved queen delivered an inspiring statement about potentially winning the competition.

“I think I’m ready to show the world that with love and happiness, you can be whatever you want to be,” she exclaimed.

The last queen to have her kiki was Gabriella, who discussed her transformation from a camp queen to a formidable and multi-layered competitor. 

“You saw what I wore coming into this competition,” she explained. “I wanted these girls to go, ‘What the fuck is this bitch wearing?’ and just discredit me so I could just boom, show them what I’m really made of.” 

Towards the end of her sit down, Gabriella revealed that her late grandfather – who was a minister in the church – had a drag identity of his own, resulting in shocked reactions from Ru and Michelle. 

“When my pop actually did pass away, we’re going through all these old photos [and] here’s a photo of him delivering a sermon in drag,” she explained. 

With their kiki’s completed, performances rehearsed and faces painted, the queens made their way to the mainstage to perform the ‘Crying on the Dance Floor’ remix.

Throughout the dynamic performance, the three finalists delivered fierce choreography and heartwarming verses about their drag origins, cultural backgrounds and overcoming diversity. 

After their electric presentation, the queens returned to the runway to show off their Finale Eleganza Extravaganza ensembles before receiving judges’ critiques. 

While all the queens were lauded for their final looks and ‘Crying on the Dance Floor’ performance, Flor was asked to sashay away – resulting in Isis and Gabriella landing in the final two.

Ru then tasked the pair to lip-sync to Annie Lennox’s ‘Walking on Broken Glass’.

For the final showdown, Gabriella delivered a mix of comedy and drama while Isis channelled a more sultry take on the pop classic. 

Ultimately, Ru crowned Isis as Down Under’s Next Drag Superstar with the help of season two winner Spankie Jackzon.

With her win, Isis has become the first queen of the series to make it to the finale without placing in the bottom two. She is also the first Australian competitor to win the Down Under crown.

Alongside her fierce new title and aforementioned feats, Isis takes home a crown and a sceptre from Amped Accessories, a year’s supply of Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics and $50,000.

When asked if she had anything to say regarding her win, the Melbourne talent exclaimed: “You’re born in a star, and a star is born in you.” 


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