Herstory has been made. Cis woman Pandora Nox has been crowned winner of the first-ever season of Drag Race Germany. Not only is she the first German winner, she is also the first cis woman to win across the entire franchise. Condragulations, we LOVE to see it.

The grand finale of the inaugural series aired on 21 November. The final three queens Nox, Metamorkid, and Yvonne Nightstand fought for the crown and 100,000 euro prize by performing RuPaul’s hit song ‘Call Me Mother’ as the maxi challenge.

This was followed up by the final lip-sync of a rendition of ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’ by Conchita Wurst, before the judges – Barbie Breakout, Dianne Brill and Gianni Jovanoivic – crowned Nox the winner.

Throughout her stint in the competition, Nox won three maxi challenges and landed in the bottom two twice, in the improv and roast.

The Austrian queen was the third assigned female at birth contest to appear in the Drag Race juggernaut, alongside her predecessors Victoria Scone (RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season three, Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs the World) and Clover Bish (Drag Race España season three).

Nox has something else in common with her British sis and counterpart Victoria Scone, as both have showcased drag king acts on the show. Nox has been vocal about drag as an art form and in one episode advocated how “drag is not about sex. It doesn’t matter what’s between your legs. Drag is art. Art is for everyone”.

There has been a huge appetite from fans to advance and diversify the talent represented on the show.

One fan tweeted: “When I tell you I DESPERATELY need a drag king on Drag Race.” Another fan said: “Pandora Nox prove[d] that drag kings could easily be part of Drag Race.” A fellow stan agreed, commenting: “Victoria Scone first proved it back on Drag Race UK.”

Fans were quick to react to the news of Nox’s win in jubilation: “SHE DID IT! MOTHER WON! Pandora Nox now becomes the FIRST CIS WOMAN to be CROWNED A DRAG RACE WINNER.”

The 29 year-old is the first-ever winner for the German edition.

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