The latest episode of Drag Race All Stars 8 was full of piping-hot drama.

Spoilers ahead.

For this week’s maxi challenge, the queens were tasked with creating trailers for “a sickening scripted series”. 

“Think of it as a commercial for your show. You can choose any genre – sitcom, soap, or sci-fi – just make sure it’s must-she TV,” Ru added. 

After being placed into three groups – with the help of the Pit Crew – the queens got to work on their commercials. 

For Team 1 – featuring Lala Ri, Kahanna Montrese, and Heidi N Closet – the trio went with a trailer for their thriller/comedy-type series, which follows a queen almost being kidnapped by two incompetent criminals.

Team 2, which consisted of Darienne Lake, Jaymes Mansfield, and Alexis Michelle, came up with a trailer for their fantasy Lost-inspired series. However, the show would follow celebrities who faked their deaths vs random strangers.

While Team 1 and Team 2 came up with their ideas relatively quickly, Team 3 queens Kandy Muse and Jimbo clashed over the direction of their high school horror/thriller-themed trailer.

“Jimbo and Kandy, they like, ‘I want to do this’, and Kandy, ‘No, I want to do this.’ And I’m like, ‘Por favor! Can you both make a decision? The time is running,'” Kandy and Jimbo’s teammate Jessica Wild said in a confessional. 

After workshopping their material, the queens headed to the green stage to film their trailers with the help of the iconic Michelle Visage. 

While Lala and Heidi captivated Michelle with their hilarious jokes, the other queens struggled to land their respective material. 

The next day in the workroom, the queens headed to their respective vanities to prepare for their trailer debuts. 

Despite the ladies entering the room in good spirits, things turned sour when Kandy brought up Heidi nearly quitting the competition during last week’s Untucked. 

“Well, Heidi, how you feeling now? Because I know last week, you were feeling over it, bitch,” Kandy asked her alliance partner. 

The question rubbed Heidi the wrong way, who accused the season 13 queen of putting a target on her. 

“I’m flustered at the moment by Kandy, because I’m in this alliance with Jimbo and Kandy, and we’re supposed to be watching each other’s backs,” Heidi said in a confessional.  

“But now, Kandy’s bringing up my struggles in front of everybody, and that puts a target on me. These hoes are just vipers looking for any reason to send another girl home.”

Things got even spicer when Heid threatened to spill some behind-the-scenes tea involving Kandy and her alleged off-camera statements.

“Just because I had a moment of being upset doesn’t take away anything of what I bring to the table, it doesn’t take away that I’m a very nice person to every last person in here, even if they want to make other girls look bad,” she explained to the group. 

“I’m like okay, baby, if y’all want to play this game, baby, I’ll spill all of your motherfucking tea out here, baby. I’ll spill all the tea that’s behind the scenes.” 

In an additional confessional, Heidi went on to say that Kandy “confided” in her about things that “wouldn’t fly” if other queens knew about it. 

“There’s some things off camera that have been said, baby that are real shady, and they’re kiki-ing together,” Heidi added while looking around the workroom. “This will go from best friend race to enemy race real fast.”

While the North Carolina-based queen refrained from spilling the actual tea, the message seemed to be received by Kandy and Jimbo, who replied “hmmm” while looking at each other. 

After the tense workroom exchange, the queens headed to the main stage to watch their trailers and present their bootylicious Ass The World Turn lewks. 

After turning it out for the judges on the runway and showing off their hilarious teasers, Mama Ru named Jimbo the top All Star of the week, with Jaymes, Darienne and Alexis landing in the bottom. 

Dressed in a new outfit, Jimbo returned to the stage to lip sync Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation against All Stars 1 queen Shannel. 

In the end, Ru selected Shannel as the winner, resulting in the iconic performer announcing Darienne as this week’s eliminated queen.


“Going home is definitely a whirlwind of emotions. Yeah sad that it’s over, but I’m so happy I got the chance to be here twice. I got to show a new layer of this onion,” Darienne said in her exit confessional. 

For next week’s episode of Drag Race All Stars 8, the queens will be tasked with participating in the Snatch Game of Love with Fire Island stars Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers. 

Things are also set to get heated between Heidi, Kahanna and Kandy. 

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