Plane Jane has issued a statement on “disrespectful as shit” comments from so-called ‘fans’.

On 19 June, the RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant addressed how she’s often referred to as “a man” when social media users take issue with her or some of her controversial takes.

Plane, who is known for her unfiltered personality, didn’t specify which comments of hers saw her “step out of line” with fans, although she recently criticised Drag Race‘s roast challenge and questioned the intentions behind Chappell Roan’s love for the drag community.

After receiving overwhelming backlash for the latter, Plane deleted the tweet.

On being called “a man”, she wrote over Twitter (X, whatever): “I don’t particularly take offense to that because hey, drag comes off, but something about it in this context seems disrespectful as shit – particularly because of how hypocritical it is.

“Ofc the first people to do so are the same people who correct others when they use “he” pronouns for drag queens, or call drag queens by their government names, or even want people to be respectful of how they themselves identify.”

Plane added: “By all means keep calling me a man, fag, w/e to fuel your little online arguments. Just know that you don’t fucking know me like that boo, and you’ll never have the pleasure to.”

Since deleting her tweet about the Chappell Roan, she has – in classic Plane fashion – continued to troll her followers by saying she ‘loves’ the ‘Good Luck, Babe!’ singer and that her favourite song of hers is ‘Itty bitty piggy’.

Referencing her viral suit and tie meme, Plane also hilariously tweeted that she “ran into Chappell Roan at my last gig and she tipped me this?!!!” with the following photo:

Plane memorably rose to fame earlier this year on the 16th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, where she was simultaneously criticised and celebrated for her ‘villainous’ personality.

She subsequently won four maxi-challenges, becoming only the seventh queen in history to do so, including the Talent Show and Snatch Game.

Ultimately, Plane placed third behind Sapphira Cristal and Nymphia Wind, with the latter becoming the first East Asian champion in the American franchise.