Drag Race star Willam has responded to an anonymous Reddit account claiming that she was asked to compete on a recent season of All Stars.

She famously took part in the fourth season of the show, making history as the first queen to ever be disqualified for breaking the rules.

Since then, Willam has always been adamant that she will “never be on All Stars” due to having a poor relationship with the production team.

However, on 1 May, a Reddit account claiming to be run by someone fired from World of Wonder began answering questions from fans of the show.

Among its many claims, none of which are verified or have a shred of credibility to them given that the author never shared their identity and/or proof of their credentials, was one that Willam was asked to appear on All Stars “a couple years back but she declined”.

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The claims instantly spread throughout the Drag Race fandom, despite there being no evidence to support them – resulting in some tweeting the allegations to Willam, who responded to one saying they are “untrue”.

“You’re going to believe an anonymous new account on reddit instead of what I’ve been saying for a decade as the person in question, ghead,” she told another fan tweeting about the statement.

In the 11 years since season four of Drag Race premiered, Willam has become one of the franchise’s most successful contestants ever.

Her successes include acting credits in A Star is Born and Hurricane Bianca, a nomination for a Daytime Emmy Award and the release of three albums, among many other things.

She will soon star in New York City’s run of Death Drop, previews of which begin on 30 June.