Cynthia Erivo has opened up about her sexuality and the pressures of being an LGBTQ+ individual.

As part of British Vogue’s Pride issue, the 35-year-old publicly came out as bisexual in a heartwarming interview about the queer community.

“[LGBTQ+ people] still feel the need to be constantly justifying why we deserve to be treated as equal beings when really the only difference is that we love differently and we express ourselves differently,” she told the publication.

“Rather than being chastised for that, we should be commended for being brave. That’s the most important thing: giving people the space to show up fully as who they are.”

Shortly after her cover was released, the Tony winner took to Instagram to celebrate the occasion in a heartfelt post.

“Nerves and fear have gotten in the way of sharing all of who I am, and today with #pride and with wonderful people beside me I’m sharing a little more,” she wrote.

Erivo’s dedicated fanbase also flocked to her social media post to showcase their love and support.


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One fan wrote: “So proud of you and love you so. You never tell a flower when to bloom. The same goes for us. In your own time.”

Another fan said: “Wishing you all the happiness in the world. We love you just as you are.”

Erivo’s recent British Vogue interview isn’t the first time she’s opened up about her sexuality.

In a 2021 interview with the Evening Standard, the Wicked star revealed that she was queer.

When asked about the inspiration for the LGBTQ+ inclusive video for her song The Good, Erivo stated: “It’s not necessarily autobiographical but I am queer.

“I have never felt like I necessarily needed to come out, just because no one ever really asked. People make assumptions. No one’s ever really assumed that I’m straight.

“I don’t think anyone thinks of me as a person that has relationships that aren’t platonic! So I’ve never needed to even really discuss anything about my sexuality at all.”