The first-ever RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under queen has finally been chosen and we are living for it. 

The first season of Drag Race Down Under has been like no other in herstory. Across eight episodes, viewers have been presented with gag-worthy eliminations from Art Simone to Jojo Zaho, as well as Art’s jaw-dropping return to the main stage and Elektra’s lip-sync assassin skills. 

On this week’s grand season one finale, one of the contestants finally earned the first crown of the series. 

For their final maxi-challenge, Karen from Finance, Kita Mean, Scarlet Adams and Art Simone were tasked to write, sing and perform a brand new Down Under remix of RuPaul’s iconic track I’m A Winner Baby. 

After strutting down the runway in their final four eleganza, RuPaul threw a classic Drag Race curveball and instructed the girls to lip-sync for the crown one at a time. To the beat of Olivia Newton-John’s pop classic Physical, the top four pulled out the kicks, flips and comedic stops for the crown. It was absolutely iconic. 

RuPaul then announced that – MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! – Kita Mean triumphed over her competitors to become the first winner of Drag Race Down Under, with Art Simone, Karen From Finance, and Scarlet Adams as runner ups. Condragulations to our brand new queen!

When asked if she had anything to say regarding her win, Kita said: “Spread those f*cking wings, you can soar too!” 

Following the episode, viewers took to social media to praise the winner and celebrated the end of the season. 

One fan wrote: “Kita Mean winning RPDR Down Under makes sense with my fantasy #DragRaceDownUnder.”

Another tweeted: “From rumoured first out to winner…. icon thingz only  #DragRaceDownUnder.”

Here’s how fans reacted:

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