Riverdale is about to get very interesting.

The hit teen show has always been a little bonkers, but this season has taken things to a whole other level with suicide rituals, floating babies, and teenagers running an underground speakeasy that’s being targeted by drug dealers.

Despite all this craziness, one thing we never expected to see was loveable (and straight) jock Archie making out with another guy. But it’s happening. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

A teaser for the next episode, The Great Escape, sees Archie prepare to break out of captivity with his fellow prisoners, and in the process he gets up close and personal with one familiar inmate: Joaquin DeSantos.

Fans will recognise Joaquin as the ex-boyfriend of Kevin Keller, Riverdale High School’s resident out-and-proud gay guy. Archie crossed paths with him when he was wrongly sent to prison by mafia boss Hiram Lodge at the start of season three.

So what does their kiss mean? Maybe Archie’s about to explore his sexuality, or perhaps they’re just caught up in a moment and Archie will quickly reject Joaquin. The latter outcome does seem most likely, but we can still hope.

While we patiently wait for this week’s episode, check out the teaser below.

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