Violet Chachki has “so many conspiracy theories” about her season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The fierce performer memorably made her debut on the Emmy-winning series in the show’s seventh season and was quickly hailed by fans as one of the fiercest fashionistas in herstory.

Although the season was crammed with scripted acting challenges, Violet conquered over her competitors and earned the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar, joining an elite group of crowned queens including Bebe Zahara Benet, Tyra Sanchez, Raja, Sharon Needles, Jinkx Monsoon, Chad Michaels and Bianca Del Rio.

In a recent interview with GAY TIMES, Violet admitted: “I truly believe that my season was not for me to win. I believe that Ginger Minj was supposed to win my season, and I’m convinced that the producers of the show wanted her to win, but she was just so unlikeable.

“I have so many conspiracy theories about the whole thing! But my season was – and this is a common thought that everyone has, it’s like a fact – heavy on scripted acting challenges and I hated that. I hated it. I hate scripted challenges because it does not give the queens any opportunity to shine at what they do.”

Violet said Drag Race is a “weird show” because the contestants are only required to lip-sync when they’ve performed poorly in the eyes of the judges, despite lip-syncing being an intrinsic part of drag culture.

“It’s a weird format for a performer like me, who doesn’t do scripted acting in real life and who is a lip-sync artist,” continued Violet.

“I would have loved to lip-sync. I wanted to have a three-way lip-sync against Pearl and Miss Fame and send them both home. I was ready! I wanted that. Every runway I had reveals and outfits planned to lip-sync and I knew all the words and lyrics.”

Violet said she’s willing to return to the franchise for a winners season because she wants to “showcase” where she’s at in her drag career.

“Drag is something that should be fun and not taken so seriously, so I don’t think it’s that serious of an issue about me going back and losing, doing poorly or being edited badly,” she explained. “I’d love to come back and do a talent show challenge, so that would be good motivation! If it happens, great. If it doesn’t, I don’t fucking care anyway.”

She added: “It would be a nice ending to the Drag Race legacy and I don’t know how much longer they can go on. I don’t know how much longer Ru has. I think she’s going to ride it until the wheels fall off.”