These are the scenes that left us wanting more.

Connor and Oliver – How To Get Away With Murder

The only thing hotter than major hunk Connor, is major hunk Connor making out with other major hunks. We were spoilt for choice in How To Get Away with Murder as his character was never shy about getting down and dirty, but it’s the tension between him and Oliver that leaves us hot under the collar.

Jason and Eric – True Blood

Jason’s steamy dream about Eric in True Blood was almost too much to handle – we wish our dreams were that exciting! The cinematic 4-minute sequence builds up so much that by the time they get to it, we almost can’t handle it.

Lito and Hernando – Sense8

We can’t pick between the billions of times Lito and Hernando have locked lips, but each time it’s a delight to watch. Whether they’re lovingly embracing each other, smooching in the morning or up against the fridge – we can’t get enough.

Kevin and Patrick – Looking

HBO’s gay drama Looking had plenty of same-sex smooching in it, but it was the moment the tension finally came to a head between Patrick and his partnered boss Kevin that fans went wild for – it certainly helped that Kevin was played by British gay favourite, Russell Tovey.

Ste and Brendan – Hollyoaks

Ste has had a never-ending string of lovers in his time in Hollyoaks village, but will anyone ever be as memorable as Brendan Brady? The Irish heartthrob became the love interest of Ste a while back and despite their ups and downs, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Piper and Alex – Orange is the New Black

One of our favourite on-off couples on TV is Orange is the New Black’s Piper and Alex. Do they hate each other? Do they love each other? Who knows anymore – but this steamy library scene was too much to handle, even if Alex is wearing a trash bag.

Nolan and Patrick – Revenge

With Nolan spending weeks trying to seduce the estranged son of intimidating Queen of the Hamptons Victoria Grayson, it all came to a head in this scene where Patrick finally gave in to the tech whizz’s nerdy charm.

Kurt and Blaine – Glee

The one that made fans squeal with joy was none other than that Glee kiss. After a deep confession from Blaine and being able to cut the romantic tension with a knife, seeing these two finally smooch was not only incredibly satisfying – but pretty hot too.

Todd and Nick – Coronation Street

This kiss might not have blossomed into a loving relationship – Todd was swiftly rejected by straight friend Nick – but we love it all the same, as it marked the first time two men locked lips on the long-running British soap, and introduced us to their first ever gay character. 14 million viewers tuned in to watch.

Words Rebecca O’Rourke