Instagram: @nicolaporcella12
Instagram: @nicolaporcella12

Former football star and actor Nicola Porcella has come out as pansexual.

Back in June, reality TV enthusiasts were treated to the premiere of Las Estrellas’ new series La Casa de los Famosos México – which is the Mexican spinoff of Celebrity Big Brother.

Like its American predecessor, the show features 14 celebrity housemates from all over the world, including TV host Paul Stanley, trans influencer Wendy Guevara, bisexual singer Apio Quijano, professional boxer Mariana “Barby” Juárez and more.

Since its release, La Casa de los Famosos México has featured an array of shocking and heartfelt moments, including Porcella publically opening up about his sexuality for the first time.

During the show’s recent episode, the Prevuvian talent was bonding with Guevara and Quijano, who encouraged the former to take pride in his LGBTQ+ identity.

“Hi, I’m Nicola, and I accept that I am pansexual,” he said while holding Guevara and Quijano’s hands.

The other two talents also accepted their respective trans and bisexual identities, which resulted in the trio coming together for a group hug.

Shortly after the episode aired, Porcella released a statement via his Instagram, thanking fans for their support.

“I see and feel you all! Thanks for all the support and let’s keep going until the end,” he wrote.

Check out Porcella’s full coming-out moment here or below.


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