Trixie Mattel will be embarking on a “three or four month sabbatical” from drag.

In an interview with Ellethe drag queen and singer-songwriter revealed that she will be taking a hiatus between July and October and won’t be active on social media, “so I’m going to really be gone for a while”.

Trixie memorably rose to fame as a contestant on the seventh season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, where she placed sixth, before conquering the third season of Drag Race All Stars.

In the years since, Trixie has released four studio albums, embarked on six headlining tours, hosted six seasons of The Pit Stop, founded the cosmetics brand Trixie Cosmetics, judged two seasons of Queen of the Universe and led her own docu-series, Trixie Motel.

With her comedy partner (and fellow season seven alum) Katya, she’s additionally hosted eight seasons of UNHhhh and over 150 episodes of their podcast The Bald and the Beautiful, starred in Netflix’s acclaimed I Like to Watch series, embarked on two tours and released two books.

Trixie told Elle that, when she does return to drag, “I’m probably not going to come back at the full speed of Trixie anymore.  The Trixie we know, the Trixie that is on every YouTube video, on every show, and every TV show, I just can’t sustain that anymore.

“This giant rat wheel that I’ve been running on, I need to pull back a lot. So it will be honestly this phase of everybody being like, “You’re everywhere. How do you do it?” You do it by running yourself in the ground.

“I want a family, and I want a life, and I haven’t really had that. I’ll probably grow a beard.”

Trixie then joked: “Besides, the other drag queens have been waiting for me to take my high heel off their throats for years. They love it when I get a sick day. Those fucking bitches love it when I get sick. They love it.”

In an additional interview on The Zach Sang Show, Trixie revealed that the hiatus will be her first and that she’s finally “more interested in work-life balance,” although she hasn’t quite “mastered that yet”.

She gave more insight into what she plans to do with her break: “I’m going to Alaska, [because] I’ve never worked there, and I probably never will, and I want to see what the vibe is.”

The second season of Trixie Motel, subtitled Drag Me Home, premiered 1 June on Max. Watch the trailer here or below.