“Ghost, how horny are you, and do you do raw?”

Drag fans were ecstatic when they found out Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova’s popular web series UNHhhh would be returning for a brand new season, especially following Katya’s temporary hiatus from drag earlier this year.

The second episode of the show’s return is the much-anticipated annual Halloween special, which has previously given us iconic moments like their matching Romy and Michele costumes, and the phrase: “Fuck my pussy with a rake, mom.”

Yes, we still quote that every day.

This year, the two drag superstars discuss their paranormal experiences, the one time Katya saw a ghost, and whether or not they believe in the afterlife – which leads them to conduct an ooky, spooky seance.

“Evil, evil, evil, if you are out there, please respond. Slide into my DMs,” they joke, before attempting to make contact with actors Burt Reynolds and Debbie Reynolds to deliver a message to Carrie Fisher.

So just your typical UNHhhh episode, then.

Find out if they manage to contact any spirits in the episode below.