Things got a little heated on the latest episode of Drag Race: Untucked

Spoilers ahead 

This week, the first and second groups of queens finally met after they both showcased their charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent at their respective talent shows. 

With all 14 contestants under one werkroom roof, Mama Ru tasked them with their first design challenge, The Mother of All Balls. 

After strutting down the runway in not one but THREE sickening looks, the queens took part in one final Rate-A-Queen vote.

In the end, Nymphia Wind, Sapphira Cristal, and Q were selected as the top three of the week – with Geneva Karr, Hershii LiqCour-Jete, and Mhi’ya Iman Le’Paige in the bottom. 

While the judges’ panel delivered their critiques to the six aforementioned queens, the drama brewed backstage in Untucked, specifically between Plane Jane and Amanda Tori Meating. 

For context, when Jane first met Amanda at the start of this week’s episode, she had very intense opinions about the latter’s drag. 

“I think Amanda’s drag looked hideous,” she says. “I’m so sorry to the Drag Race audience for having to witness such a goblin.”

While Jane kept her feelings to herself during their first meeting, she held nothing back when the group discussed the runway looks they liked and disliked in Untucked. 

“Now Amanda, You’re a girl from the cast that I have not really connected with look-wise,” she told the Los Angeles-based queen. 

“As we get to know each other, and I hope we do, I hope that you’re able to sort of sway my opinion on how you have been looking, which is not very great.”

It didn’t take long for the other queens to express their shock at Jane’s blunt statement – with Mirage hitting the oversized shade button numerous times. 

“I think you’re making lots of assumptions that I’m featuring you look wise,” Amanda said in response. 

Things got even shadier when Jane claimed that the world would think her final “Mother” look was better than Amanda’s. 

“I mean, it doesn’t matter what your features look wise; it matters what the world’s features look wise, and I’m sure the world would agree that this is giving more than that is giving,” the New York queen exclaimed. 

In a confessional, Amanda expressed her shock over Jane’s shady and unwarranted comments. 

“This bitch is coming for me for no reason. I don’t know her, and I didn’t ask, so like, who the f**k is this bitch?” she said. 

As a way to break the uncomfortable tension, Plasma joked that Jane should untangle her bracelet from her arm hair before dishing critiques.

“You’re another girl who hasn’t been serving it look-wise, so why are you talking?” Jane retorted. 

Toward the end of their very awkward conversation, Amanda informed Jane that she didn’t like her attitude, resulting in the latter doubling down on her right to express her opinion. 

In a confessional, Dawn reflected on the jaw-dropping moment, stating: “This is our first time in Untucked together. I just don’t understand why you are immediately being a bitch.

“Why are you like, ‘This is awful, and quite frankly, I don’t live for anything that you do.’ Girl, it’s just a little harsh.” 

Following the airing of Drag Race Untucked, fans flocked to X, formerly known as Twitter, to express their opinions over the intense moment. 

One fan wrote: “They were all together in untucked for the FIRST time… Ouu… I love how everyone was riding for Amanda, though.”

Another viewer added: “The girls are fighting in untucked again NATURE IS HEALING.”

A third viewer posted: “This is the kind of Untucked I signed up for! Yes Amanda!!! Give it RIGHT BACK!!!

On next week’s episode of Drag Race season 16, the ladies are tasked with putting their sketch comedy skills to the test on RPDR! Live. Jane also attempts to smooth things over with Amanda. 

Lastly, the iconic Sarah Michelle Gellar is set to join Ru and company on the judges’ panel.

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