The eight queens who will be showcasing their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent for a second (and in a few cases, third) shot at the Drag Race crown have been unleashed.

Although it’s been seconds since Nymphia Wind made herstory by ‘Padam Padam’-ing her way to Drag Race glory, becoming the American franchise’s first East Asian winner, World of Wonder are redirecting our attention to the forthcoming ninth season of All Stars

Premiering 17 May on Paramount Plus in the US and on WOW Presents Plus in the UK, the season sees the return of a former Miss Mandarin, the most followed alumni on social media and a ‘Read U Wrote U’ songstress!

The line-up, which marks the smallest cast in All Stars herstory, is as follows: Angeria Paris VanMichaels, Gottmik, Jorgeous, Nina West, Plastique Tiara, Roxxxy Andrews, Shannel and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo.

All Stars 9 will be the second showing for Angeria, Gottmik, Jorgeous, Nina and Plastique, while Roxxxy, Shannel and Vanjie join the ever-growing community of Drag Race alumni who have competed three times.

For the first time in herstory, the queens will compete for a $200,000 charitable donation to an organisation of their choice, which is provided by The Palette Fund, a private foundation that is “dedicated to breaking down barriers and advancing social change in communities that are under-resourced and facing significant challenges.”

According to a synopsis, the All Stars 9 cast will “use their drag superpowers for good” by “competing for charity and harnessing their drag skills to win money for a variety of organizations.”

Check out the cast of All Stars 9 with their bios and chosen charities, courtesy of Paramount Plus.

Angeria Paris VanMichaels (Season 14)

Challenge wins: 2
Original placement: 3rd/4th/5th

“Angeria is back, you ug-aly bitch! The sweet southern belle from the ATL uses her irresistible drawl and comedic charisma to captivate the judges. A stunning Season 14 finalist who checks all the boxes, Angeria is ready to claim her spot in the Drag Race Hall of Fame.”

Charity: National Black Justice Collective

Gottmik (Season 13)

Challenge wins: 2
Original placement: 3rd/4th

“Since Season 13, Gottmik has become a darling of the fashion world, strutting runways and striking poses for the world’s top design houses. But this bona fide trendsetter is more than a style icon – Gottmik’s got the wit and wiles needed to snatch the All Stars crown!”

Charity: Trans Lifeline

Jorgeous (Season 14)

Challenge wins: 1
Original placement: 6th/7th

“Hello-tis, it’s your girl Jorgeous! The Lip-Sync Assassin of Season 14 is back. Jorgeous may be small, but she is BIG competition. This pocket-sized dynamo has irresistible charm, stunning looks and the performance skills to make her a serious contender to take it all!”

Charity: The National Alliance of Mental Illness

Nina West (Season 11)

Challenge wins: 2
Original placement: 6th

“Fresh from the Hairspray national tour, Nina West is bringing her performance powers back to the Mainstage. As Season 11’s Miss Congeniality, Nina won over fans with her kindness, but make no mistake – with top-notch acting chops and killer comedy skills, this Broadway baby is here to slay.”

Charity: The Trevor Project

Plastique Tiara (Season 11)

Challenge wins: 1
Original placement: 8th

“Plastique Tiara is back, bolder and more beautiful than ever! Since Season 11, she’s racked up the largest social media following of any Drag Race alum. Now, the TikTok icon is ready to make All Stars 9 her most viral moment yet. With the likes and the lewks, she’s set her sights on the crown.”

Charity: The Asian American Foundation

Roxxxy Andrews (Season 5, All Stars 2)

Challenge wins: 3
Original placement: 2nd/3rd (Season 5), 4th (All Stars 2)

“She’s Roxxxy Andrews, and she’s here to make it clear: This show-stopping legend is back to put her signature “thick and juicy” talents to devastating use. Bitches better beware!”

Charity: Miracle of Love, Inc

Shannel (Season 1, All Stars 1)

Challenge wins: 4
Original placement: 4th (Season 1), 3rd/4th (All Stars 1)

“Shannel was the first Queen to ever enter the RuPaul’s Drag Race Werk Room, and now she’s back to make herstory all over again! This ultimate Vegas showgirl is ready to remind the world how classic drag is done and to prove that she is still the one to beat!”

Charity: The Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo (Season 10, 11)

Challenge wins: 0
Original placement: 14th (Season 10), 5th (Season 11)

“Vanessa Vanjie became the breakout star of Season 10 after just one episode – and nearly made it to the top on Season 11! Fresh from world tours, the Vegas stage and a major glow-up, she’s showing up with her “lightning in a bottle” personality and the skills to claim her crown.”

Charity: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

You can also watch the queens of All Stars 9 sashay into the werkroom here or below!