The Crown’s Emma Corrin has called out “clickbait” headlines relating to gender identity and inclusion topics.

On 25 November, the My Policeman star made headlines for their interview with the BBC in which they talked about an array of gender-focused topics – including their hopes of award shows implementing gender-neutral categories.

“I don’t think the categories are inclusive enough at the moment,” Corrin told the news outlet.

“It’s difficult for me at the moment trying to justify in my head being non-binary and being nominated in female categories.

“When it comes to categories, do we need to make it specific as to whether you’re being nominated for a female role or a male role?”

The young talent also discussed the importance of diversity within the entertainment industry and giving more opportunities to trans, non-binary and queer actors.

“You can discuss awards and the representation there, but really the conversation needs to be about having more representation in the material itself, in the content that we are seeing for non-binary people, queer people, for trans people, because then I think that will change a lot,” they explained.

Shortly after the interview went live, Corrin took to Instagram to call out news outlets for minimizing their comments about representation and inclusion to make “clickbait” headlines.

“I rarely go public to say anything like this as I understand the nature of journalism in this industry,” they wrote.

“However, if you are interviewing me about my work and the subject of gender comes up, please respect and represent the integrity of my answer in the context of the interview as a whole.

“What I mean is, do not sensationalise an answer for the sake of a clickbait headline when it is really a subject that, to be a headline, requires proper enquiry and should be represented with more nuance.”

Corrin went on to say that reducing conversations about gender and diversity is “not only offensive” but also prevents people from opening up about their own gender identities.

“When we talk about sexuality or gender, we have to trust that the sensitivity of those conversations will be honoured in equal mesaure to the sensitivity in which those conversations will be represented,” they added.

Over the last year and a half, Corrin has remained an open book about their non-binary journey.

Back in 2021, the Emmy-nominated star shared a heartwarming post with fans about purchasing their first binder.

“Some time before I bought my first binder, messing around with @sirdavidsimon, we used boxing wrap, thanks for capturing this with me, very intimate, very new, very cool. It’s all a journey right. Lots of twists and turns and change, and that’s ok! Embrace it,” Corrin wrote.

Earlier this year, the 26-year-old told Vogue that they felt “more seen” when people use they/them pronouns to identify them before stating that they might always have a sense of fluidity.

“In my mind, gender just isn’t something that feels fixed and I don’t know if it ever will be,” they explained.

Check out Corrin’s full statement below.


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