The sale ends on Tuesday (October 15), so get buying!

In October we have LGBT History Month, in America and Canada, National Coming Out Day and International Lesbian Day. And in celebration off all these LGBTQ days, Steam has launched a sale highlighting LGBTQ games, as well as LGBTQ creators.

Some games like Killing Time at Lightspeed and 2064: Read Only Memories are up to 90% off. Meanwhile, other titles like Dream Daddy: Dadrector’s Cut is fittingly 69% off, and of the most popular titles on the list.

Other games like the popular walking based simulator Gone Home is 60% off and the very popular Night in the Woods is 30% off. The games aren’t just male-orientated with The Expression Amrilato, which focuses on a lesbian relationship, being 30% off.

One review of the game reads: “I haven’t finished it yet, but at 22 hours, I can report that I love this game. As a fan of VNs, anime, and being a huge language nerd: this game hits the mark on all subjects.

“The art is really good, the voice acting is excellent, and the occasional response prompts, as well as the Esperanto quizzes, keep you engaged. I have studied Esperanto and I’m currently studying Japanese. I can already see that I’ll replay this game! So…yeah..pick this one up.”

Pride Run, which sees you lead Pride parades and take on anti-LGBTQ opponents with the power of dance is 10% off. Its project director, Ivan Venturi recently called on more triple-A titles to feature more meaningful LGBTQ representation.

He said: “Internally when we think of LGBTQIAP+ characters in triple-A games, we are not dealing with main characters for example, but secondary plots. Today, LGBT [representation] in gaming seems to be about putting one lesbian or gay character in Overwatch and then moving on.”

Venturi said it’d be a “huge step” for a major game to feature an LGBTQ lead, before adding: “I’m very curious about The Last of Us 2, because it looks likely that the main character Ellie could be a gay character. Cyberpunk 2077 too seems to offer a lot of options for different types of players.

“In cinema we have iconic LGBT movies the Rocky Horror Picture Show or Priscilla Queen of the Desert… why not in video games? Games are the most important entertainment industry today.”

You can get to the Steam sale here. But the sale ends on Tuesday (October 15), so you need to hurry!

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