Mike Heslin, best known for his role in Special Ops: Lioness, has tragically passed away.

The actor, who was 35, died of an “unexpected cardiac event” on 2 July.

In an Instagram post, Heslin’s husband Scotty Dynamo revealed that he was unexpectedly hospitalised for a week. Although he was in perfect health, “doctors have no explanation for what happened”.

“Michael was brilliant, selfless, talented, and a real-life guardian angel. He single-handedly carried me through multiple rounds of cancer,” he wrote.

“He was the first person everyone would call to share good news with, and he was the perfect person to call if they needed a shoulder to lean on or the best advice.

“He truly was the sweetest, most caring, and loving man on earth, and he brought out the absolute best in everyone who had the pleasure to cross paths with him.

“He moved through life with such ease and confidence, and turned everyone around him into a better version of themselves. No matter how difficult things got, we knew that there was nothing we couldn’t overcome with Mike in our corner.”


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Heslin and Dynamo married in November 2023, and had been together since 2017.

Dynamo, a musician and actor, shared that the couple were “in the early stages of starting a family and would regularly share our favorite baby names for our future kids”.

“You always told me that you felt like you were meant to be a dad, and I couldn’t agree more. You would be the world’s most perfect father,” he continued.

“If I ever become a dad, I am going to name my son after you and hope that I manage to raise him to become at least half the man you are.”

In the comments section of Dynamo’s post, Heslin was remembered as a “beautiful soul” and “kind, open, good man”.

Heslin rose to fame as Taylor in the 2020 series The Influencers, before starring alongside Zoe Saldana and Nicole Kidman as Polo in the Paramount Plus spy thriller Special Opps: Lioness. 

Last year, he also appeared as Jonathan Ferris in the Christmas television film The Holiday Proposal Plan.

Our thoughts are with Mike Heslin’s family and friends during this unthinkable time.