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American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy has hinted at a potential Glee reboot in a new interview. 

Back in 2009, TV enthusiasts were introduced to the popular teen musical dramedy – which took the pop culture world by storm.

Taking place at the fictitious William McKinley High School, the series focused on the school’s glee club, New Directions, as they navigate issues such as sexuality, race, gender identity, bulimia, pregnancy and school violence.

The show also propelled the careers of Lea Michele (Rachel Berry), Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel), Corey Monteith (Fin Hudson), Naya Rivera (Santana Lopez), Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones), Heather Morris (Brittany S Pearce), Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams), Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina Cohen-Chang), and Diana Agron (Quinn Fabray). 

Since the series finale in 2015, longtime fans have been eager to see a reboot of the critically acclaimed series. 

In a recent interview on McHale and Ushkowitz’s podcast And That’s What You REALLY Missed, Murphy also expressed an interest in revisiting the halls of McKinley High and New Directions. 

“I’m at the phase now with that show where it’s like, well, there’s been enough time. Like, maybe we should really re-examine it as a brand. You know, should we do a reboot of it in some way? Should we do a Broadway musical of it in some way?” he said.

“It’s sort of like an interesting legacy that I’m interested in doing in a positive way after sort of pausing for a while. But I don’t know. I just love what it says and what it did. And there will never be in my life another Glee, anything close to it, in terms of me, feeling so close to it.” 

Elsewhere in the interview, Murphy touched on Monteith’s tragic death and revealed his regret over continuing with the series.

On 13 July 2013, the beloved actor passed away from a drug overdose, a few months before the cast was set to film season five of the series. 

“If I had to do it again, we would’ve stopped for a very long time and probably not come back,” he revealed. 

“Because you can’t really recover from something like that. It wasn’t a normal death where someone is sick, and you can see them. It happened so quickly with no warning.” 

Murphy’s recent comments come a few months after Discovery+ and ID announced a documentary following the show’s behind-the-scenes controversies and tragedies. 

According to Deadline, the docuseries is set to feature cast and crew members as they share their first-hand stories of working on Glee, which aired for six seasons.

The three-part release will also include exclusive and never-heard-before stories regarding the show’s tumultuous production and controversial cast, including Michele, who was accused of making her co-stars’ lives “a living hell” during their time on set.

You can listen to Murphy’s full interview here.