Riverdale is giving the gays everything they want.

Ahead of the show’s highly-anticipated return for a third season this week, creator Roberto Aguirre Sacasa has teased that one fan favourite couple, Toni Topaz and Cheryl Blossom, will be getting more screen time together.

Known affectionately as Choni, the two women got together towards the end of the show’s second season when Toni helped Cheryl come to terms with her bisexuality and later saved her from a gay conversion ‘therapy’ camp.

While fans have quickly latched onto the couple, they’ve been left slightly disappointed by the lack of screen time they’ve been given, especially after one of the show’s writers teased some “really good stuff” for the couple.

But it looks like season three, which begins 10 October in the US and will join Netflix UK the day after, will be providing more content for Choni fans to obsess over.

“T is for Tee-Tee, Toni, and Topaz. Together with Cheryl. Kiss your loved ones, Riverdale returns in TWO DAYS!!” he wrote alongside a new image of Toni and Cheryl kissing.

Unsurprisingly, the teaser has gone down exceptionally well with Choni fans, who have shared their love on social media.




Choni aren’t the only same-sex couple who’ll be getting the spotlight in season three, as Casey Cott recently revealed that his character Kevin Keller will be dating secret love interest Moose, although he warned it will be “complicated”.

The hit TV show, which is based on the classic Archie Comics characters, first introduced us to gay high schooler Kevin as he was hooking up with closeted jock Moose in the woods… right before they found a dead body in the river.

Ever since, there’s been tension between the two characters, and while Kevin has developed other love interests – and a passion for cruising in the woods – there’s always been something drawing him back to Moose.

We last saw them together in the season two finale where, following the shocking death of Moose’s girlfriend Midge, the two shared a passionate kiss, leaving the door wide open for a potential relationship in the future.

“We are dating in season three, so it’s fun to start off with that and explore that with Moose, it’ll be fun,” Casey said.

“I [filmed] my first kissing scene of the season recently and it was in the hallway at school. He pushes me off because he’s still closeted, but it’s still a kiss. It’s a complicated relationship.”

Riverdale returns to Netflix UK on 11 October.

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