Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson has shared new details about her upcoming memoir. 

Titled Rebel Risingthe forthcoming book is set to be released on 2 April 2024 via Simon & Schuster.

To celebrate the exciting news, Wilson opened up to PEOPLE about the upcoming project and her creative process. 

“I’ve been writing the book for the past 18 months because when I write, I have to be totally by myself and isolated,” she explained. 

“It’s just been this secret thing I’ve been doing by myself for 18 months. It’s so exciting now that it’s done.” 

The Senior Year star went on to say that it was difficult to find her writing style in the beginning and even described her first few drafts as “really sh*t.” 

“Then the editor was like, ‘This just doesn’t sound like you.’ So what I started doing is I just sat there by myself as if I’m telling the story to a friend,” she continued.  

“I just kind of found my writing style – as if I’m sitting oppositive my friend, telling you all of my life’s deepest secrets, which is a bit scary.” 

Elsewhere in the interview, Wilson teased that the book will highlight a different side of personality that fans aren’t used to.

“There are other levels of my personality, like I am extremely shy, which most people don’t quite get until they meet me in a certain situation,” she said. 


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“I know a lot of people think I’m exactly like my characters like Fat Amy… but then there are just other sides.”  

Lastly, The Hustle star joked that her memoir will most likely embarrass her nine-month daughter Royce Lillian – who she shares with fiancé Ramona Agruma. 

“She’ll probably be really embarrassed [someday]. ‘Oh, my God. Mom, why did you write that?” she said. 

A synopsis for the memoir reads: “Rebel Rising follows Rebel Wilson’s incredible journey of “making it,” constantly questioning, “Am I good enough? Will I ever find love? Will I ever change and become healthy?” 

“Rebel writes for the first time about the most personal and important moments in her life—from fertility issues, weight gain and loss, sexuality, overcoming shyness, rejections, and, well… okay there’s at least one story thrown in about Brad Pitt! It’s all here. This memoir shows us how to love ourselves while making us laugh uncontrollably.”

Wilson’s upcoming memoir comes over a year after she opened up to the world about her romantic relationship with Agruma.

“I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince… but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess,” she wrote on Instagram.

However two days after her landmark post, it was revealed that the Bridesmaids star was forced to come out.

“Basically, with the situation, where a journalist is threatening to out you, you’ve got to hurry, and some people we didn’t get a chance to tell before it came out publicly. And that’s not ideal,” she explained in an interview with The Australian.