Drag Race winner Raja has spilled the tea on an interaction she had with RuPaul behind the scenes of All Stars 7.

The legendary season saw eight former winners grace the stage once again as they battled it out for the Queen of All Queens title.

During the 10th episode, the runway theme was All Glowed Up – giving contestants the chance to showcase a light up lewk.

Raja gagged both the viewers and judges with her outfit, which saw red lasers coming out of either side of it.

In a recent appearance on the VERY THAT podcast with her season three sister Delta Work, the queen shared that she thinks it “could’ve actually looked better on TV”.

“They were a little unprepared with what I was bringing and I wasn’t bringing something that just plugged in and turned up, it was like, it needed smoke and stuff and that whole process took a while,” Raja further explained.

The star then revealed an unaired interaction she had with RuPaul that week.

Raja continued: “But, it was definitely one of my favourite things to wear on it because behind the scenes, what people didn’t see, that was completely off edit, off camera, and the girls, if you ever meet one of them, will vouch for me when I say that RuPaul lost her damn shit.

“She was like, ‘What the fuck? Oh my god? Raja!’ you know? And then, it started up again, and then you never got to catch any of that.

“The things that I loved the most are the stuff that happened behind the scenes that never actually made it onto television.”

Despite not winning the main crown, Raja emerged victorious as the Queen of She Done Already Had Herses after a fierce lip-sync battle royale.

She took home a cash price of $50,000 and solidified her legacy as one of the best queens to ever compete on Drag Race.

All Stars 7 is streaming now on WOW Presents Plus in the UK. You can watch the trailer below or by clicking here.