Queer Eye season 3 is due on Netflix in 2019.

Queer Eye’s resident fashion guru, Tan France, has revealed that the upcoming season of the award-winning series will feature a lesbian makeover for the first time.

The last season also had the Fab 5 makeover a woman and a transgender man for the first time as well.

Speaking to comedian and actor Hasan Minhaj on his upcoming show, Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, Tan said of the upcoming season: “Did you enjoy season one and two? Okay, everything that you would’ve liked about [Queer Eye] Season 1 and 2, but amplified.

“It really is so good. They get me every week, like, those heroes get me every week—yeah, it’s the best experience. We have our first lesbian on the show this year, yep, and she’s formidable. What we do with her, I think you’re gonna love it.”

In the clip below, Tan and Minhaj discuss the upcoming season of Queer Eye at around the 6:40 mark. But if you’re really missing the show, we recommend you watch the whole thing, as Tan works his magic yet again.

In the latest issue of Gay Times, Queer Eye’s culture expert, Karamo Brown spoke about why he’s raising his two sons as feminists. “I hope to do that, because I want them to understand that feminism is about equality, and when they understand the [need for] equality for women, it’s easier for them to understand equality with other marginalised groups,” he said. “And it’s working!

“The respect and love they show women, it also bleeds into the respect and knowledge they have of other cultures and [communities].

“I just want them to be examples of what other people should be, [and] how they should act, because that’s the key — the only way that we actually see change is if a generation starts to shift.”