Tom Goss has released his latest music video for single Regretting.

The queer singer-songwriter has once again teamed up for Daniel Franzese for the video, which is the third in a series of clips taken from his recently-released concept album Territories that come together to form a whole story.

“At the time, I was going through a really rough patch with my husband,” says Tom of the inspiration behind Regretting.

“I was writing a lot about the struggles we were having and I realised that I wasn’t focusing enough on why I was still in the relationship. I wasn’t honouring what we had built, what was still beautiful, and the potential future I hoped we still would have.

“Regretting is ultimately about not regretting. Regardless of how hard things have been, or may be in the future, I won’t live in regret. I will work to remember the wonderful, the beautiful, and the inspirational, regardless of how hard it may be from moment to moment.”

The coronavirus pandemic which has swept the globe this year has changed Tom’s view of the power and purpose of music, including his own songs.

“Now that we’re facing a global pandemic and fear is around us everywhere we look, I’m not sure our world needs more emotional churning. I think the world needs a different kind of artistic expression,” he explains.

“I’ve been seeing my role change, from someone who digs, challenges, and questions, to someone who provides respite in uncertain times. I see myself as someone who can facilitate joy, song, dance, and laughter.

“Regretting reminds us to focus on that which we have, that which we love. Family, friends, community, and nature. And really, what’s more valuable than that?”

Tom Goss’ new album Territories is available to stream on Apple Music now.