Singer-songwriter Lordin opens up about his latest project Don’t You Want My and his love for pop culture.

“I wanted to merge my authentic identity as a gay, mixed, LGBTQ+ performer, with a classic tongue-in-cheek pop song. The song doesn’t take itself too seriously, and after this year, we all need a bit of light-hearted fun!” the West London artist tells GAY TIMES.

The music video, which blends dance and performance, leads with a playful monochrome aesthetic.

“My favourite music videos always sit in the realm of fantasy, giving it a futuristic feel. I wanted it to be chic and to push boundaries – allowing myself to be free and finding my own version of ‘sexy’ within that,” Lordin explains.

The singer adds: “Sonically, I have definitely found my sound in ‘Don’t You Want My…’. I feel like I’ve been on my own artist development the past couple of years, and this time off has been so important in figuring out exactly who I am as an artist.

“I now know exactly what I want to say – it’s all about being unapologetic and amplifying that. You never know who it can inspire.”

You can watch the music video for Don’t You Want My here or below: