“Shake that ass all night!”

Vinegar Strokes has released the music video for her debut single CAMP and whew honey, it does exactly what it states on the tin; serving pure and unadulterated camp as well as hodgepodge fabulousness.

Shot at the Prince of Wales bar in Brixton, the visual showcases the Drag Race UK star and a host of queer talent such as Poppicock, Veronica Green and Vera as they perform dance routines in sickening 80s-inspired lewks.

“Ello darling! I bet you never thought you’d see a show starring a working-class black bitch with thick legs and fake tits,” she hilariously sings on the disco banger. “I know you find it surprising, I’ve even got your mum dutty-wining.”

Vinegar told us that CAMP! was created in an attempt to be “the next big dance craze anthem with an LGBTQ twist”.

“I’m really into retro funk, disco music and I think lots of people love a good old 80’s bop so CAMP! was born!” she explained.

“In my head a camp queen can literally be anyone, so whether you’re a drag queen, a bear, a lipstick lesbian, a hard nosed aunt who loves a gin and tonic and a fag, who cares? You can be camp and more than likely you are CAMP!”

Vinegar joked that her straight 40-year-old brother who “works on a building industry site” loves the song so he’s officially a camp queen. “The song is for everyone, it’s inclusive and just reminds us to not take it all too seriously,” she added.

“Just have a great fucking time and get camp. Get down!”

Watch the incredible video for Vinegar Strokes’ debut single CAMP! below.

Drag Race UK airs every Thursday on BBC Three. The first three episodes are now available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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