Actress and LGBTQ+ activists Dominique Jackson is spreading the gospel of the “queer agenda” in an iconic new video.

In collaboration with The Most, Netflix’s channel for LGBTQ+ storytelling, the iconic actress goes over a list of rules and regulations for LGBTQ+ people to follow.

“Hello, I’m Dominique Jackson and I own 51% of the company,” she said.

“June may be over, but Pride is 365 days a year, my darlings. I am here to present the Queer Agenda for us to keep our minds sharp all year round.”

Jackson then starts off the agenda by reminding the community that Black Trans Lives Matter.

“Let me say it again, Black trans lives matter,” she exclaimed.

She then hilariously referenced Pose co-creator, Ryan Murphy and his series Glee by stating: “Replace all songs with their Glee cast version.”

As the video continued, the ballroom legend touched on an array of topics regarding body positivity, service workers, and the treatment of sex workers.

“Sex work is real work, support sex workers,” she said.

Dominique also instructed viewers to stan American Horror Story staple Sarah Paulson and Pose icon Elektra Abundance.

When it came to gender identity, the American Gods actress encouraged people to share their pronouns.

“It’s simple, share them so we know, we understand and everyone’s on the same page,” she suggested.

Dominque ended her public address on a high note stating: “And remember, the queer agenda does not end with Pride Month. Honey, it’s a lifestyle. So in the meantime, get the shoes baby. Get the shoes.”

Watch the full “Queer Agenda” video below.

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