Pornhub has shared some of their insights from 2024 so far, including the most viewed categories worldwide and the top relative categories by age group.

In partnership with – and for Pride Month, of course – the pornography website recruited their statisticians to reveal some wild data.

For their most viewed categories worldwide, “twink” was the number-one in South America, Russia and “much of” Europe, while “bareback” reigned supreme in North America.

“Straight guys” came out on top in Australia, whereas Africa was most interested in “black”, “twink”, “creampie”, “hunk”, “cartoon” and “Asian”.

According to Pornhub, “bareback” is the most popular category “on the western side of the United States”, particularly in Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and Wyoming.

As for the midwest, they too enjoyed “straight guys”, “twink” and “black”, with the latter search term proving extremely popular in the South.

In North and South Dakota, Kansas and “a few states on the east coast”, “twink” was met with the most love.

Pornhub also released their data for gay terms that are searched more often in each state compared to others, and here’s where the searches get a bit more interesting.

Examples include: “cruising for dick” (Washington); “hard pigs” (Oregon); “riding dildo” (Arizona), “mushroom cock” (Nebraska); “feet worship” (Florida); and “muscle bottom” (New York).

More incoming: “old man solo” (Iowa); “chubby black ass” (Pennsylvania); “hairy nature” (Maine); “vintage cowboys” (Wyoming); “hairy black” (Illinois); and “grandpa jerks” (Tennessee).

When it comes to gender and age group, the statisticians found that male viewers make up 57% of their viewers, with women at 43%.

For top relative gay categories by age group, they discovered that 18-24 year-olds like the “cartoon” category the best, while the 25-34 age bracket are most fond of “cumshot”.

“Big dick” is most likely for 33-45 year-olds, “Latino” for those between 45-54, “massage” for 55-64 and, lastly, those aged 65 and older enjoyed “blowjob” the most.

Check out more statistics over on Pornhub – don’t worry, the page is SFW!