Despite the defiant attempt from fans to save queer pirate comedy Our Flag Means Death (OFMD), including a petition and billboard in Times Square, it has been confirmed that the beloved series will not return for a third season.

“I can officially confirm that we’ve reached the end of the road,” creator David Jenkins revealed via social media. “At least as far as this sweet show is concerned. After many complimentary meetings, conversations, etc it seems there is no alternate home for our crew.”

Jenkins continued: “Thank you to all of you who sent us out with tremendous love and care. Your campaign was noticed across the industry. But more importantly it made all of us who worked on this show better able to deal with the loss.”


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The fan favourite show follows the swash-buckling and often hilarious adventures of gentleman-turned-pirate Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) and his crew, who sail the seas to try and make a name for themselves while crossing paths with the legendary Blackbeard (Taika Waititi).

Jenkins first announced the cancellation of OFMD on 9 January, writing on social media: “Welp, I’ve got good news and bad. The bad news is clear. OUR FLAG won’t be returning for a third season.”

He continued to praise the fans of the show and attributed them to the success of the production: “The second season was made possible by the enthusiasm of one of the most likeable fan communities in the history of this medium.

“Your voices made a difference, your art made a difference, your viewership made a difference in securing more OUR FLAG. Getting to share this show with you and watching you make it yours has been a dream come true.”

Jenkins closed his statement: “I’m very sad I won’t set foot on the Revenge again with my friends, some of whom have become close to family. But I couldn’t be more grateful for being allowed to captain the damn thing in the first place.

“Our Flag Means Us. Loving one another, pulling off some pretty weird and beautiful shit, and talking it through… as a crew.”

In response, ‘Renew as a Crew’, a fan-led organisation that formed in 2022, has been advocating for the show’s renewal.

In the immediate aftermath of the announcement of the cancelled queer pirate comedy, they created a petition that has garnered more than 85,000 signatures.

The team noted their ‘disappointment’ as Jenkins “envisioned a three-season saga, and if the production team is determined for another voyage, we stand by, ready to support. Time to retrieve our leathers and brace ourselves for battle!”

On 19 January, their plea took over a board in Times Square, alongside an aeroplane banner and billboard truck flown around the HBO corporate office in Culver City, the group reported.

The campaign did not go unnoticed. Jenkins posted images of the billboard alongside the caption: “You guys got a BILLBOARD in Times Square. A BILLBOARD.

“This truly is the best fandom. I’m speechless. It’s totally humbling and just so damn sweet. Love you. Love all of you. I mean that. You make me feel like I belong to something.”


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A post shared by David Jenkins (@dvidjenkins)

Upon the announcement of OFMD’s permanent cancellation fans were quick to react with an outpouring of emotion. One fan commented: “David I’m completely heartbroken. Still not going anywhere. But this is really sad news for all of us, and I’m not sure how to cope right now but at least we’ve got the crew we’ve made to help ease the pain.

“We adore you all so much. Thank you for trying. Thank you for everything”

Another added: “Heartbroken. It doesn’t make any sense. I refuse to believe no one wants to adopt a show with such soul and heart.”