Photo: PAPER Magazine

Orville Peck has bared all in his cover shoot for Paper Magazine, and the response has been – surprise, surprise! – thirsty as f**k.

On the cover, the country singer can be seen without his kit as he sits atop a bull of the bondage variety (kinda), with just his mask (of course), a neckerchief and matching gold gloves.

One photo has Peck’s bare ass on full display, while another pays homage to Chris Evans’ nude scene in Not Another Teen Movie with whipped cream covering his nipples and intimate region.

The reaction was as expected, with one thirsty fan saying they want to “Orville his Peck” and another tweeting: “I can’t wait to Yee and Haw at his concert on Thursday.”

More hilarious and relatable reactions incoming: “I don’t wanna say that I’m barking but I am”; “Yeah I need him in a way that if I said it aloud even god would be embarrassed and blush“: “PEOPLE DIED (me)”; and “I’m weak, sit on my face sir, PLEASE.”

Peck, who is known for his signature fringe mask and full-body tattoos, revealed that he’s “sort of revealing a little more and more each time” with his aesthetic.

In the interview, conducted by Drag Race All Stars 9 alum Gottmik, Peck explained: “Not to get too deep about it, but it’s sort of a parallel with my songwriting and with just who I want to be as an artist and a person, which is to always be more vulnerable and reveal a bit more of myself through my music and everything. So it’s kind of just an evolution.”

The cover follows Peck’s recent disco collaboration with Kylie Minogue and Diplo, titled ‘Midnight Ride’, which will be included on the second volume of his Stampede trilogy.

The first included stars such as Elton John, Noah Cyrus, Allison Russell and Willie Nelson. The latter collaboration, ‘Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other’, went viral with its music video.

Peck teased more “crazy people” on Stampede: Volume 2, which he said will be released this summer.

You can read the interview (and check out the photos that sent the internet into a frenzy) here.