This week’s Drag Race All Stars 8 result has elicited a… passionate response from viewers.

Spoilers ahead. 

For the first time in the show’s herstory, the top three contestants – Jessica Wild, Jimbo and Kandy Muse – were tasked with yet another challenge before moving onto the grand finale. (Very confusing, but it is important to accept change.)

To celebrate the ‘L’ in LGBTQ+ (finally!), the trio transformed three wonderful queer women into members of their drag family.

Kandy emerged supreme, marking her second challenge win of the series, with Jimbo and Jessica landing in the bottom two. The bottoms voted for each other, obviously, meaning Kandy had the power to decide who will compete with her in the finale.

The final lip-sync assassin – or is it? who knows? – was revealed to be Canada’s Drag Race winner and Jimbo’s season one sister Priyanka, who has yet to cross paths with RuPaul. (Here’s hoping this paves the way for All Winners 2!)

While both performers turned it out to Destiny’s Child’s club anthem Jumpin’ Jumpin’, Ru declared Priyanka as the winner. To the shock of absolutely everyone involved, Jessica and Jimbo voted for each other, resulting in a tie. Escandalo!

Per All Star rules, the power of eliminated returned to the top All Star. “I’d be standing up here lying if I didn’t say that both of these girls are standing between me and the crown,” said Kandy, before revealing Jessica’s lipstick.

Jessica’s elimination was met with uproar from fans, with one tweeting that the Dreams of a Golden Shower Child author was “robbed and deserved a top 2 placement”.

Although another fan said Jimbo was their “first pick” for the crown, Jessica “proved that she’s a superstar. A well seasoned queen who stayed true to herself & real to her peers. Our Rightful Queen.” 

From Jessica’s exit to Priyanka’s U.S. main stage debut, check out the best responses to the episode below.



On next week’s episode (which doesn’t appear to be the finale?!), all 10 eliminated contestants, from Monica Beverley Hillz to Jessica Wild, return to commence The Fame Games.

In the preview, RuPaul tells the queens: “For this week’s maxi-challenge, you need to wow us in The Fame Games variety show extravaganza. This is your last chance to impress the fans before they cast their vote.”