The return to Truham Grammar has been confirmed, with Netflix finally sharing the release date for the Heartstopper season three, as well as the cast teasing the “steamy” new season.

The streamer took to X (formerley Twitter) to announce the date: “Heartstopper returns this October.”

In addition to the much anticipated release window, Netflix have also teased the next instalment of Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick’s (Kit Connor) relationship: “This season, Charlie would like to tell Nick that he loves him. Nick also has something important to say to Charlie.

“As the summer holiday ends and the months race on, the friends begin to realize that the school year will come with both its joys and its challenges.

“As they learn more about each other and their relationships, plan social events and parties and start thinking about university choices, everyone must learn to lean on those they love when life doesn’t go to plan.”

Over on Instagram, Netflix have shared a BTS video of the making of episode eight. The clip opens with Connor teasing a spicy storyline: “It’s started to get a bit more steamy.” He continues to explain how “the tension is high. It’s like, sexual tension, love, we’re all there.”

The clip continues with William Gao (Tao Xu) explaining his character development: “Tao is beginning to figure out what he loves to do and what his hobbies are. He’s found a passion for something that he begins to really love. And he does it to bring joy to people and to cheer up the other characters in the show.”

According to the teaser, we will also be getting to see more of Jenny Walser (Tori Spring), the older sister of Nick: “This season, we get to see a little bit more of Tori and how what Charlie has been going through has affected her. And she also makes a new friend.”

Yasmin Finney (Elle Aregent) shared how the impact of the outpouring of support from fans from season two “has really boosted all of our confidence.”

The fans were quick to react with excitement to the flurry of new updates, with one commenting: “Crying, screaming, giggling, smiling, scratching, laughing, rolling, thinking, sobbing, jumping, dancing,singing, kicking, punching.”

Another added: “This season will give ALL.THE .FEELS. Their chemistry their connection their friendship ! I loooooveeeee theeeem!”


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Although the full plot line has yet to be revealed, when speaking with Metro, creator and writer Alice Oseman said mental health will be a “big element” in season three: “We’re going to continue to look at that in a big way and explore how that affects Nick and Charlie’s relationship, and all of the other friendships in the show.

“So people who’ve read volume four will have a little bit of an idea of what is coming. I’m really excited to take the show into that new place.”

Locke echoed Oseman’s comments in an interview with The Today Show, saying: “Every season of our show, we grow up with the characters more, and this season is definitely a bit raunchier; it’s still Heartstopper, but we also deal with some darker issues.

“Charlie, my character, he deals with some mental health issues, which we tackle in this season, which I’m very excited for people to see.”

As well as Charlie’s aforementioned arc, other crucial storylines that we can expect are as follows: Darcy’s toxic relationship with her homophobic mum; Elle attending the Lambert School of Art; Nick being a proud bicon; and Imogen’s untouchable status as the greatest ally in history.

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