Marvel’s gay Captain America is set to make his grand return in Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #8.

Back in 2021, Marvel Comics released its limited series titled The United States of Captain America to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the beloved hero.

Throughout the five issues, Steve Rogers travelled across the country with Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson and John Walker to locate his stolen shield.

During his adventure, the longstanding hero met an array of individuals who have taken on the Captain America mantle to defend their communities.

One of the heroes featured was Aaron Fischer, the openly gay Captain America of the Railways, who selflessly protect runaways and the unhoused.

In a statement, writer Joshua Trujillo said the groundbreaking character was “inspired by heroes of the queer community: activists, leaders, and everyday folks pushing for a better life.”

“He stands for the oppressed, and the forgotten. I hope his debut story resonates with readers and helps inspire the next generation of heroes,” he added.

Since his initial debut, LGBTQ+ fans have been eager for the return of the groundbreaking character, and fortunately, the wait is finally over.

On 29 December, it was revealed that Fischer would be teaming up with Rogers in the eighth issue of Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty.

In the forthcoming issue, the openly gay hero agrees to help the Avenger and his allies – including mutant telepath Emma Frost and S.H.E.I.L.D director Nick Fury – on an extensive mission “to save a city under siege by A.I.M.”

While Fischer’s exact role in the story is still unknown, the issue is setting up readers for the upcoming Captain America: Cold War crossover, which will be released this Spring.

In a statement on Twitter, Marvel writer Collin Kelly opened up about the importance of Aaron and the other Captain America’s in the upcoming story.

“Aaron – and everything that the Captain America Network represents – are one of the most important pieces of new cap lore in a decade. “Captain America” is more than a person. It’s a promise,” he wrote.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #8 will be released on 4 January.