Lukas Gage has gone viral with yet another queer sex sequence.

The actor has just made his debut in the fourth season of Netflix’s psychological thriller series You as Adam Pratt, a wealthy brat and the son of a rich East Coast family. He also serves as a brand new foil for Penn Padgley’s toxic murderer Joe Goldberg.

In the second episode, Joe discovers Adam’s secret fetish as he witnesses the pretentious American expat enjoying a bit of watersports with an unidentified waiter.

It marks Gage’s second explicit queer sex scene in the past couple years after his character was memorably rimmed by Murray Bartlett’s hotel manager Armond in the first season of HBO’s The White Lotus.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Gage revealed that it was his idea to “wear the goggles”, before adding: “With that scene, and in The White Lotus, I wasn’t doing it to be sexy, but for comedic value.

“I didn’t think it was going to be hot for people. But I did want to go as far as possible. It can’t be a half rim job, or a half golden shower — although we did use a water machine with yellow food coloring.”

Gage explained that he’s no longer shy about engaging in boundary-pushing sex scenes, saying he’s “a little more European in my thoughts on nudity right now”.

“I’m not begging to take my clothes off, but I’m comfortable with it. I want to keep a sense of truthfulness, too: If there’s a scene where I’m having sex with my boss, it’s gonna be pretty fucking weird if I have clothes on,” he said.

“Those scenes are so mechanical in their filming, anyways. There’s nothing sexy about a director telling you you’re thrusting weird.”

The actor celebrated the media’s new era of sex positivity in an interview with People, saying it would “be a disservice to never see” explicit love sequences depicted on screen.

Gage said “really good writing and fully formed characters [means] their sexuality and their sex life are a part of that,” adding: I think we’re entering an era of just truthful storytelling and authenticity… So I’m okay with it. I’m here for it.”

In developing the character with You’s creators/executive producers Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti, he shared that it was “really important for us to not kink-shame ever and [to] be sex positive.”

“We’re never making fun of anyone’s kinks or anything. It’s a part of him,” he continued. “I think there are underlying reasons for everyone’s likes and kinks.”

Gage, whose other film and TV credits include Assassination Nation, Euphoria and Love, Victor, also addressed growing speculation towards his sexuality.

Last year, the star tweeted “u don’t know my alphabet” after he was criticised for queer-baiting.

“I understand the importance of representation in everyone’s voices,” he told the publication. “And as I’m becoming more of a public figure, I’m figuring out how to navigate where public and private intersect.

“For me, there are just some areas in my life that I don’t want to shout out to the world on anyone’s accord but my own.”

Gage called it a shame that actors have been forced in the past to make a statement about their sexuality or to clarify how they identify, such as Heartstopper star Kit Connor.

“I think we’re all just trying to navigate where that line intersects with keeping some things private and some things public because you are a public figure,” he said. “It’s a double-edged sword, and it’s an interesting line that I’m still figuring out.”

The first half of You season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.