For new series to acknowledge Pride celebrations taking place across the UK in September, we’ve asked LGBTQ+ musicians and figures to write a love letter to either the community or a queer person who has inspired them, along with an Apple Music playlist to pay tribute.

Here, singer-songwriter Kwaye pays homage to the LGBTQ+ community for living their unapologetic truth in a world that challenges it all too often.


The rainbow is fitting, for this community is a spectrum. When you embrace yourself as it embraces you, all those hidden colours are welcomed safely into view.

The rainbow is fitting, for this community is a painting brought to life by the different colours and strokes that create it.

I continue to be inspired by the courage it takes to simply exist and celebrate our uniqueness in a world that is still learning to see queerness beyond sexuality.

We know it’s more that. I’m grateful for a community that holds one another through a shared resilience and willingness to accept. I have love for the ones who show kindness to those who are still learning to open their minds.

To the kings, queens and celestial beings who live their truth unapologetically, you dare to bend the rules in a world of the straight and narrow – forging new paths with nerves of steel, then leading by example. Thank you.

To the communities providing spaces where the narrative is judgement free – you’re not just providing escapism or fantasy, you lay the grounds for a safe environment where we can communicate, connect, express ourselves and be inspired. Thank you.

And to you – whoever you may be, wherever you may be – finding your way in an environment that refuses to see your colours – your bravery is unparalleled. It’s hard to love and accept yourself in a community that denies you that human right, but know that you have always been enough. Shine your light inward ‘till it has nowhere else to go.

With love, kindness, empathy & gratitude.

Listen to Kwaye’s brand new single Kindness on Apple Music below: