If it wasn’t bad enough that the reboot of Lizzie McGuire was axed, it has now been revealed that one of the lead characters would have been part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The noughties TV classic, which aired between 2001-2004 on Disney Channel, was an instant hit for its Y2K fashion looks and beloved spin-off The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

The series followed the life of the titular high school teenager (played by Hilary Duff) navigating the trials and tribulation of high school, from the paralysis of a first crush on Ethan (Clayton Snyder) to being the object of her little brother Matt’s pranks (Jake Thomas).

The character was supported by her two best friends David ‘Gordo’ Gordon (Adam Lamberg) and Miranda Sanchez (Lalaine Vergara-Paras).

In August 2019, fans were delighted when a revival with the original cast was announced. However, just a little over a year later, Duff confirmed that Disney had cancelled the series via an Instagram post.

Recently, Lizzie McGuire reboot show writer Jonathan Hurwitz has begun to make TikTok videos explaining what would have happened if it had reached production.

In his latest instalment on TikTok, titled The One Where We Finally Talk About Miranda, he explained that the reboot would have featured an “adult Miranda” who was a “musician” and “queer”.

“You likely would have met the woman that she was in a relationship with,” Hurwitz hypothesised.

He continued to discuss Vergara-Paras’ involvement: “I really don’t know if casting ever reached out to her. All I do know is her manager and I happened to be at the same event and he came up to me and said Lalaine was open to being involved, so I’m hopeful that we could’ve actually had her.”

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In previous videos, he revealed there would be other LGBTQIA+ storylines as the first episode would have seen the now 30 year-old Lizzie McGuire working as an interior designer in New York City and living with her gay roommate.

On a more scandalous note, episode two would’ve ended with “Lizzie getting a text from Ethan Craft, and little animated Lizzie faints,” Hurwitz revealed.

Episode three would open with Lizzie waking up in Ethan’s bed, wearing his clothes. The screen would flick back to animated Lizzie: “I think she says something like, ‘Well, checked that box’. Dramatic pause…‘Twice’”.