Cmon history makers!

The Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps has become the first openly LGBTQ+ band to perform at the legendary parade.

The longstanding band was founded in 1979, ten years after the Stonewall riots in New York City.

Artistic director Marita Begley opened up about the history-making performance stating: “There are families out there in middle America and all over the country, that are going to see this and give hope to young people that are questioning their sexuality, their gender.”

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the organizers for the parade decided not to bring bands from outside the tri-state area, which in turn gave more opportunities to local talent like the LGBAC.

This wasn’t the first year that the band applied for a performance spot in the parade.

Begley also revealed that they have tried in the past but said they “we’re not big enough, or strong enough.”

With only six in-person rehearsals, the Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps performed the ABBA classic Dancing Queen and created a magical show.

Joe Avena, one of the founding members of the band spoke about the performance saying: “People will see that we are part of them, part of their lives and part of what they love.”

See below for a clip of the Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps parade performance.