Leslie Jordan has revealed that he thought Max Greenfield “might be gay” when the two first met in 2017.

In a recent appearance on The Ellen Show, the two spoke about meeting on the set of Will & Grace and what their first impressions of each other were.

“And what was your thought when we first met,” Max asked Leslie.

The latter responded: “Oooh, I thought you might be gay! But then again, that’s my thought whenever I meet anybody, so!”

Max then revealed to the 66-year-old that he’s “not the only one” to make the mistake.

He explained: “Right before Thanksgiving, a friend texted me and he says, ‘They are posting these all over West Hollywood!’ and they posted this poster – very subtle – if you can’t read that, it says, ‘Big Gay Party!’ and then it’s me with my shirt off and then, underneath it, it says ‘Bangsgiving’.”

Leslie then leaned into the poster for a closer look and said: “I want to go to that party!”

Max, who played Winston Schmidt on New Girl from 2011 to 2018, told his friend and the audience that “Bangsgiving” was the title of an episode of the show they did in celebration of Thanksgiving.

“Little did I know that one day, it would result in me promoting a big, gay party in West Hollywood, bringing everyone together for a festive, turkey, something,” the 42-year-old added.

Since meeting four years ago, the two have developed an everlasting friendship – which includes Leslie flirting with Max on Instagram.

“Tonight at dinner, I jokingly asked @iammaxgreenfield to marry me and he said, ‘I am straight and already married.’ But, he didn’t say no,” Leslie posted on 28 October. “On second thought, I don’t want to be a home-wrecker. Love you @tesssanchezgreenfield.”