Law Roach, the renowned stylist to the stars, has made history with his latest career achievement.

Gracing the cover of the Hollywood Reporter, Roach became the very first Black stylist to be named Top Stylist of the Year.

Known for his extensive work with Emmy-winning actress Zendaya and Queen Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy, Roach has become one of the most sought after stylists in Hollywood.

Taking to Instagram, the self-described “image architect” opened up about his accomplishment in a series of posts.

“Thank You Hollywood Reporter for naming me STYLIST OF THE YEAR,” he wrote.

“Thank you to my Zendaya and Anya Taylor-Joy for making this cover so special. And thank you to all my clients for trusting me with something so important as your image!!!! I’m truly grateful.”

He also reflected on being the first Black stylist to take home the coveted title.

Roach is no stranger to making history. In 2017, he made history by becoming the first Black stylist to grace the cover of the special issue.

When speaking on the diversity within the industry, the fashion specialist gave a shout out to fellow Black stylists, Micah McDonald, Wayman Bannerman and Jason Bolden.


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“If you look at the top Black stylists, it’s me. It’s Micah and Wayman. It’s Jason Bolden. We’re the three, I think, leading the pack. I’m the only one who has dressed and continues to dress A-list white talent as well as my Black talent,” he said.

He then went on to explain the system of Hollywood and how his clients go through “the same five white women.”

“That’s just the system. When somebody comes into Hollywood, and they’re building that team, you have the manager, the publicists and the agent [making] the [same five] recommendations on stylists, hair, makeup,” he explained.

Roach also reflected on the lack of opportunities for other Black stylists in the industry, stating: “Our work is much more visible, but I don’t think it’s changing the landscape of how we get those girls.

“Because, to be really honest with you, the way people make the [THR Stylist] list is based on award season.

“Not a lot of Black Stylists get the opportunity to get on the list because they don’t get the opportunity to work with the talent that’s going to the Oscars, the Globes. We just don’t get the opportunity.”

But the lack of equal opportunities isn’t stopping the fashion icon from helping up and coming talent.

In the interview, Roach revealed that he raised over $100,000 for Black-owned businesses with his foundation fLAWless and Rebuild the Hood non-profit.

“I want to be more involved in finding and cultivating young, new talent, especially talent of colour,” he said.

We stan a history-making ICON.


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