Instagram: @lauvsongs
Instagram: @lauvsongs

Pop star Lauv shared an update on his sexuality journey in a new social media post.

Back in June, the former GAY TIMES cover star gave insight into his identity in a brief TikTok.

In the video, the ‘Steal the Show’ singer was shown in a car underneath white text that said: “When ur dating a girl but ur also a lil bit into men.”

Lauv gave further details about his journey in the caption, in which he wrote: “Does it have to be that big of a deal? I haven’t done much aside from kiss so tbh don’t wannna jump the gun but tbh i feel things and i don’t wanna pretend I don’t.”

Since making the aforementioned announcement, the young talent has remained an open book regarding his sexuality.

In one of his latest TikTok’s, Lauv opened up about not quite fitting into a singular label, writing: “I’m gay, but I’m not gay, but I’m gay, but I’m not gay. Something that’s been on this ol’ mind of mine.”

Like his previous post, fans quickly inundated his comment section with heartwarming messages.

One fan wrote: “So proud of you no matter what! Been a stan since 2017.”

Another TikTok user commented: “Been my fav artist for a while now, and this just further confirmed it.”

@lauvsongsSomething thats been on this ol’ mind of mine 🪗😅🤠🎷💅♬ Love U Like That – Lauv

Lauv’s latest TikTok comes a week after he uploaded a candid life update video to his YouTube and Instagram.

“I’m going through an interesting time. For years, as you may know, I’ve struggled with OCD and anxiety really badly, and one of the things I’m obsessed about has been my sexuality,” he explained.

“It’s been something that, you know, without going into too much detail from like childhood and stuff, but more recently, like in my 20s, I’ve pushed it down a lot.

“I felt like, ‘Okay, this is anxiety… it’s not exactly a real thing. Like I would feel feelings or like feel a connection or a vibe or desire or something and then would just shut it down.”

Towards the end of his statement, the beloved talent opened up about his goal of living a freer life before informing fans that he doesn’t have all the answers yet.

“It’s something that I’m exploring in my music, and exploring in my mind and going to be exploring in my life,” he added.

Check out Lauv’s full life update video here or below.