Photography by Hunter Moreno.

Rising star Lauren Sanderson has returned with a brand new independent single, Hi.

Following the release of her well-received record Midwest Kids Can Make It Big, Lauren Sanderson is kickstarting a new musical era.

In her latest DIY project, the singer-songwriter has released the new single Hi. The slow beat, mellow track opens up a fresh image of vulnerability for the artist.

Speaking on the new song, Sanderson opened up about the track’s meaning: “I never knew heartbreak til I had to let go of someone I was still madly in love with.

“This song is everything I wish I could tell her if we could forget about our pain for one moment and go back to the euphoria of meeting for the first time,” she explains.

In a mini-promo video, Sanderson shares a compilation of video cuts with a voice-over capturing the soul of the single. “The end of a relationship when you both know it’s time to let go even though you love each other so fucking much,” she reflects in the video.

“And, this song is if for one moment, you could let go of all the pain, all the heartbreak, all the disconnect, all the distance, and just go back to that moment when you met them for the very first time, and tell them exactly everything you wish you could say.”

Hi is out now and you can watch a promo video for it here or below:

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