Kylie Minogue has teased that she is open to one day collaborating with Madonna.

During an interview with 103.5 KTU at iHeart Media’s annual summer concert, which she was headlining, Kylie was asked if she would be open to working with the star.

“I would. Of course, I would!” she said. “She’s going on tour. I don’t have Madonna’s number but if I was in town and she was in town it would be amazing. The building would probably fall down. We’d need to send out warnings!”

Kylie also shared that the ‘Holiday’ singer had her “dancing around [her] bedroom” when she was a teenager.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kylie shared that she “would love to” tour the US.

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“And I think now is the time,” she continued. “There I said it. Now is the time to do our best to make that happen.”

‘Padam Padam’, the lead single from Kylie’s upcoming album ‘Tension’, recently reached the Top 10 on the Official UK Singles Chart, serving as her highest peak since 2011.

The song tied her with Cher, Lulu and Diana Ross as one of only four female solo artists to have achieved Top 10 singles in the UK across five consecutive decades.

“This is truly amazing and 19 year old me would say the same thing!” Kylie told Official Charts. “I am so thankful to everyone involved with ‘Padam Padam’ and am astounded at how people have made it their own. The song belongs to everyone now and I’m loving every second of it.”

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The ‘Supernova’ singer has now racked up a whopping 35 Top 10 singles in the UK, her first of which was in 1988.

According to the midweek chart update, ‘Padam Padam’ is set to rise from number nine to seven – showing the ‘Padamic’ is far from over.

You can stream it below or by clicking here.