Joey James

Song of the summer? Kim Petras may already have it in the bag.

The future superstar has has returned to her bubblegum pop roots on latest single Malibu, a glittering banger which features one of Kim’s signature soaring hooks and disco and funk-inspired beats reminscent of DeBarge and The Jackson 5.

“Malibu is a return to colour, the feeling of being in love, and the escapism pop that I love the most. After Clarity, I had cried all my tears and moved on, so this is a reflection of how I’ve been feeling,” explains Kim.

“I just want Malibu to be a fizzy, refreshing drink that comes to you during this quarantine and makes you forget all your anxieties. I hope this can be a little vitamin shot that brightens your day.”

Listen to Malibu here or watch the video below.