Giving us unbothered realness!

In an interview with Metro Weekly, Jonathan Bennett revealed his thoughts about the conservative critics for his new inclusive Hallmark Channel film, The Christmas House.

“To quote Theodore Roosevelt, ‘It’s no the critic who counts.’ Who matters are the millions who are going to watch this movie and feel represented. he says

Bennett continued: “Who matters are the people who are allies and best friends of the LGBTQ community who have friends and sons and brothers and neighbors who are gay and queer and everything between, who will watch this movie and feel like they see their friends and people they love represented in a movie.

“Who matters are the young people that are going to watch this and are going to feel less scared and more seen this Christmas. That’s who matters.”

Bennett also opened up about the impact the films gay kiss had on crew members, stating: “We were working with a crew that does dozens of Hallmark movies a year and when we’re done with that scene, some of the crew who were gay came up to us with tears in their eyes, just bawling.”

He continued: “There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. And they said, ‘Thank you, we’ve worked on dozens of these movies, and for the first time we feel represented. We feel seen like we’re part of the family’.”

This holiday season has networks have taken the much-needed inclusive step forward by including LGBTQ+-led films in their release lineup.

From The Christmas Setup on Lifetime to the Happiest Season on Hulu, LGBTQ+ representation has never been stronger.

You can stream The Christmas House on the Hallmark website here.