JoJo Siwa’s alleged new girlfriend has apologised for her anti-trans and pro-Trump tweets.

Over the last few days, fans of the entertainer have speculated the relationship status of Siwa of Katie Mills.

Recently the two have been featured on both their TikTok accounts and were even seen attending a Lakers basketball game together.

However, the two have not officially confirmed if they are romantically involved.

In the midst of the relationship rumours, fans have shed light on Mills and her previous pro-Trump tweets and anti-trans viewpoints.

In a video posted to TikTok, a user posted screenshots of her tweets from 2020 that showcased her disappointment regarding Trump’s presidential loss.

“I’m sorry @realDonaldTrump we let you down,” she wrote.

A few months prior to that tweet she wrote: “Lord help us if Biden gets elected.”

The video also showcased her liking a post in 2018 that question the validity of trans women and their gender identity.

Shortly after the post went viral, Mills took to Twitter to apologise in a series of tweets.

“This will be the only time I address this issue. There is stuff that Trump did that I DO support, and there is stuff that I DID NOT support. It’s the same way for Biden,” she wrote.

“In 2018 there was a tweet that went around saying “Is a transgender woman actually a woman? retweet for yes, like for no” I had liked the comment… I am ashamed.”

@gracebcwen##duet with @mills.katie so are we gonna talk about how you’re a trump supporter or? ##lesbian ##gay ##fyp♬ You’re a Jerk – New Boyz


She went on to say that due to her upbringing within the Mormon church, her views on LGBTQ+ topics were skewed but also said it wasn’t an excuse.

“I have known I was gay since I was 11 years old. Growing up in Utah and apart of the LDS religion was difficult. You’re taught marriage is ONLY between a man and woman. So when my family found out about me at 13, it was mental and emotionally hard,” she said.

“My parents tried to hide who I was, sent me to conversion therapy, and made me shun out the LGBTQ+ community.

“I know it’s not an excuse for that awful tweet I liked, but it’s the only reason I can think of to why I would ever do that. I was young, dumb, not educated, and trying so hard to shun out the LGBTQ+ community in my life.”

Mills also apologies for the cultural appropriation she participated in when she did the offensive “ghetto girl” TikTok challenge.

“If I could I would take that back in a heart beat! But I can’t, I messed up. I take full responsibility for that.”

She ended her series of tweets apologising for the hurt she caused and said that she’s “suffering the consequences.”

“I had made a mistake and now I’m suffering the consequences. I would like to apologize to all of those who I have hurt and offended!”