JoJo Siwa has opened up about being a “gay icon” in a new interview.

Since her debut on the hit series Dance Moms, the 19-year-old talent has skyrocketed to fame within the entertainment industry.

From her popular films and music to her YouTube channel and judging duties on So You Think You Can Dance, Siwa has remained booked and busy.

Alongside her expansive career, the young talent has also made waves in the LGBTQ+ community.

Back in 2021, Siwa seemingly came out as queer on TikTok after she uploaded a video of herself dancing to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.

She later confirmed her sexuality when she shared a photo of herself dressed in a t-shirt that said: “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever.”

A few months after her landmark announcement, Siwa gave further clarification on her sexuality when she told People Magazine she identified as pansexual.

Since that fateful day, the young talent has been described as a gay icon by her Gen Z fanbase.


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In a recent interview for Yahoo Life’s Unapologetically series, Siwa revealed that she doesn’t take the honour lightly.

“It’s not about being comfortable with being the face of the LGBTQ young demographic,” she explained.

“It’s about being honored with that. It’s something that I’ve been appointed by, not myself, but just the world calling me a gay icon, calling me this generation’s icon. That is an honor I do not take lightly.”

Towards the end of the interview in the interview, Siwa discussed the harmful stereotypes regarding queer women.

“You can be queer and be girly. I think that’s a thing is a lot of times, lesbians are taken to be masculine,” she explained. “‘If you’re a lesbian, do you wanna be a boy?’ That’s not the case. There are plenty of very feminine lesbians.”

Siwa’s interview comes a few months after she uploaded an emotional social media message reflecting on her coming out journey.

“In the last 365 days, I’ve felt more love than ever. A year ago today I posted this picture and shared with the world that I was gay,” she wrote.

“I get asked a lot ‘was coming out scary for you’… and the answer is yes of course, anything that’s different about you is scary, however… it’s what makes me… me. So I had no fear with sharing it with the world.”