Jimbo has issued a statement to Pangina Heals after criticism over what he said to her during the Drag Race UK vs the World finale.

The last episode of the season saw Blu Hydrangea crowned the winner after lip-sync battles against Jujubee and Mo Heart.

The eliminated queens returned during the finale, reuniting some of the sisters who had not seen each other since their departure.

During Untucked, conversation quickly turned to Pangina’s elimination at the hands of Blu, with the Drag Race Thailand co-host questioning why she chose to eliminate her from the competition.

Shortly after, Jimbo expressed how “devastated” she was when Pangina revealed her lipstick in episode three and, although the entertainer behind Casper the Baloney Ghost has practised forgiveness, drama ensued.

“I laid in bed and I was like, ‘I’m gonna just talk about how shitty that stupid outfit was with her damn ponytails and all those stupid ties,’” Jimbo said, referencing her sudden exit from the series.

“Or ‘I’m gonna talk about how shitty she looked in that dumb polka-dot look.’ Or ‘I’m gonna talk about what a stupid b*tch she is.’ But then Ru said, ‘Release to the universe,’ and that’s what I’ve done. So I’m not gonna say those things.”

Jimbo’s words were met with a mixed response from fans online, with some finding her shade funny and others finding it incredibly offensive.

“Anybody surprised by Jimbo’s attitude towards Pangina has OBVIOUSLY not watched Drag Race Canada,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Another said: “Nah why do people take drag race so seriously? why tf are they sending Jimbo and Pangina death threats…?? hahaha actual calm down, some people need to go outside and touch some grass, absolute freaks of nature!”

A third added: “Jimbo literally woke up and chose violence going in on Pangina in Untucked.”

“For a read to be iconic it needs to have some truth to it,” another Drag Race fan explained. “Pangina has some of the most flawless runways so nobody’s buying this ‘shitty looks’ thing. Whether jimbo was joking or genuinely mean spirited, her comments still came off as delusional and bitter.”

Season 11 contestant Silky Nutmeg Ganache also joined the discussion and criticised the double standard for how fans were reacting to the situation.

“Since so many of y’all are unbiased and you don’t see color,” Silky wrote, “the next time a Black Queen reads a white girl, be sure to say it’s her unique humor, she’s making good tv, or you just don’t understand her. This is not what was said, it’s about how y’all react.”

In response to the backlash, Jimbo took to Twitter to share several tweets about the situation.

“I love you @PanginaHeals ! I apologize for being such a shady bitch. I like untucked with a bit of spice. I’m sorry to anyone who is feeling upset,” one of her tweets read.

A follow up said: “And for everyone worried that I’m not getting enough hate and backlash you can rest assured I am!”

Prior to sending those tweets, Jimbo joked about the situation after watching the episode back for the first time.

The queen stated: “Just watched the episode…sure am glad I didn’t say those things…lol…I love you @PanginaHeals!”

Responding to the message, Pangina wrote: “Love u babes.”

She proceeded to express her gratitude to fans for their love during her run on the season: “Thank you from all the outpouring support and love on my journey on @dragraceukbbc I feel like I have already won in life.”

Season one of Drag Race UK vs the World is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer.