Jennifer Coolidge has addressed the “high-end gays” trying to kill her character, Tanya McQuoid, in the season two finale of The White Lotus.

After managing to take a few of them out, Tanya falls off a yacht, knocks her head on a dinghy and proceeds to drown to death in the Ionian Sea.

Coolidge has since revealed that she “wasn’t happy” about the fate her character was met with.

“But Mike White’s a genius — I knew my ending would be good,” she told Variety. “When he told me I was going to die, he didn’t have the ending yet, he hadn’t completely orchestrated it out. I was kind of bummed, but Mike knows how to tell a story better than anyone I know, so I knew I just had to trust it. You can’t talk Mike White out of anything, so I’ll just have to go on some different adventures this year and maybe go visit Mike when they’re filming [Season 3].”

Anyone who has used social media over the last few days will be familiar with one of the scenes, which sees Tanya plead for help as “these gays” try to murder her.

Coolidge, who is herself a gay icon, explained that the storyline was “so Mike White” and not something she could have come up with herself.

“Gay men can be catty, but mostly they are the good guys in a lot of films that I’ve seen,” she added.

“But Mike White made these guys kind of wicked, very corrupt soulless guys.

“He told me, ‘You end up getting taken in by this group of — well, let’s just say they’re evil gays.’ I just got so riveted, I was so enthralled.

“You know, Tanya’s not onto them, but she’s finally being appreciated and she’s finally having a good time on this horrific trip.”

Coolidge also confirmed that she is well aware of the meme currently doing the rounds online and that she’s already had people send it to her.

During filming, though, it never occurred to her that the now infamous quote would go viral.

“That was one of the last scenes I filmed for the show, and I was seasick and stuff,” she explained. “There were a lot of logical things I should have come up with. There’s so many things people are sending me. [When filming], you’re not thinking memes down the line for some reason. Maybe other people on the show were, but I wasn’t savvy enough to spot them.”

You can watch the trailer for season two of The White Lotus below or by clicking here.