Jennifer Coolidge has revealed that she had no issue with killing the evil gays trying to murder her character, Tanya McQuoid, in The White Lotus.

After managing to take a few of them out in the season two finale, Tanya falls off a yacht, knocks her head on a dinghy and proceeds to drown to death in the Ionian Sea.

In a joint interview with Jeremy Allen White for Variety, she discussed that her character was “stagnant” and that there wasn’t much to prepare “until her ending”.

“Mike [White] did tell me that I was going to have a horrible ending,” she continued. “But he said it more like, ‘I’m sorry, Jennifer, but you’re going to have to die.’”

Jennifer further explained that “it all felt real” during filming and she genuinely did feel as though a group of evil gays were trying to murder her.

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“When you’re on a boat and you’re in the middle of the ocean and there is nowhere to go, what if your castmates hate you?” she said. “They could just push you. Anyone can get rid of you on a boat.”

Jeremy added that you can feel “trapped” in an environment as isolating as a boat on the open sea.

“It’s the scariest thing to be on a boat,” Jennifer responded. “I’m never getting on a boat again. So I was creeped out, because we did shoot it in order, hanging out with the guys. It felt very real. I really did like killing them all.”

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She then discussed her infamous line about the gays “trying to murder” her, which instantly went viral after the episode aired and revealed that it has even had an impact in her real life.

“Mike was very confident about Tanya being pursued by these seemingly friendly gays that seem to be fans of hers,” Jennifer shared. “And then Mike was like, ‘We don’t see the gay men as being evil. This is a bad group.’ But it’s interesting, because there was a whole group of gay men in New Orleans that went out on Mardi Gras as Tanya. Some of them were on scooters, and they all had ‘These gays, they’re trying to murder me.’ It’s happened in other cities — even in Boston when I did Hasty Pudding. So it really did somehow strike a chord.”

You can watch the trailer for season two of The White Lotus below or by clicking here.