Jecca Blac’s new Brow Seal and Brow Block products are revolutionising the way you groom, shape or block your brows.

Jecca Blac is back, back, back again with some of its fiercest products to date.

The Brow Seal and Brow Block, which were both released on 16 September, revolutionise the way you shape, fluff, laminate and even block your eyebrows.

“Creating a range of eyebrow products has always been our dream and feels like the missing piece of the Jecca Blac puzzle,” said Jessica Blackler, MUA and founder of the brand.

“Brow Seal & Block has been two years in the making and we are so excited to launch unique eyebrow products that truly transform eyebrows whilst catering to all make-up wearers.

“We are true authentic advocates for diversity and inclusion and we want our customers to feel recognised and empowered in everything they do and everything they wear.”

The Brow Seal can be used as a brow gel, or in conjunction with the Brow Block to achieve the perfect base for blocking, eradicating the need for a glue stick.

Drag artists were involved in the creation of this dynamic product which is sure to revolutionise the way you do your eyebrows.

Blackler began the brand as a safe space educational makeup studio where trans women came to learn about makeup for the first time.

Once she noticed the oversight of the beauty world in not considering the needs of transfeminine makeup wearers, she decided to launch Jecca Blac as a gender-free makeup retailer with vegan, cruelty-free products that met the needs of ALL makeup wearers.

Blackler has provided voluntary support to trans prisoners and regularly fundraises for LGBTQ+ charities, such as Not a Phase.

Now an award-winning brand with a customer base that spans across the globe, Blackler and her LGBTQ+ inclusive team is led by the community from which Jecca Blac came.

Both products retail for £14 each or can be bought as a bundle for £23 and are available to order here.